Sharmin Group


All kinds of measures are taken to maintain a good working environment. The factory authorities are deeply concerned about the health of all its employees and workers. Therefore, thinking of all, the authorities have launched various health awareness training programs for all (AIDS Awareness, Tuberculosis Prevention, Hepatitis-B, and Family Planning etc.). Company is providing Free eye and health check-ups every month. In addition, free medical services are provided to the family members of the workers and the people around the factory.

Blood Donation Camp

Sharmin Group organizes Blood donation camps and also maintains a record of blood groups of all employees to serve needy.

Vaccination Program

Sharmin Group, all the workers have been provided free tetanus vaccine. In addition, free vaccines are currently provided to protect workers from the “corona virus covid-19”.

Educational Support

Sharmin Group is providing educational support to the children of all employees. They are being provided financial assistance for their admission in the school/ college and for their participation in the examinations. Company donates a big amount to schools and required support for the education of orphans.

Financial Assistance

Sharmin Group is providing financial assistance to all its employees. The Company provides financial assistance for treatment in case of illness; marriage of son / daughter.
Donations go to various social organizations for the specially-abled and for the construction of religious institutions, mosques, schools, colleges, Orphanages, Police rest house etc.

Tree Plantation

Sharmin Group has planted trees in various institutions, Office premises, Parks, Roadsides and embankment for river erosion prevention.